Russell McGovern



Working in installation and sculpture,
McGovern’s work asks us to consider the origins of human culture. From the first marks made by humans in early prehistory, to the legacies of industrialisation we will leave for future generations.
His works are inspired by the materials and techniques from the art of prehistory and our modern relationship to technology and information.
Employing a rigorous research based approach, combined with his own take on ancient culture and methods of art making, his work asks the viewer to contemplate the big questions we all ask; How did we get here, and Where are we going?Russell McGovern has built a human scale installation of the groove in a 1 rpm vinyl record. Incrementally divided a 50kg block of stone to into grains of sand. He has made giant pixelated stalactites, and reimagined ancient rock art carvings as analogue sound wave sculptures.My work plays with our perception and relationship with time, distance and scale. It asks us to question our place in history and the universe while invoking a sense of wonder in ourselves and what we have and can achieve together.Russell McGovern has exhibited nationally and internationally in Glasgow, - Scotland, Melbourne - Australia and Berlin - Germany.
He is the co-recipient of a major national public art commission in Scotland - Remembering Together, 2022 and many other public sculpture commissions.


Russell McGovern (b. 1981)
is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Specialising in Sculpture, Installation and Public Art.


• CV avilable on request

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